These terms & conditions override/supersede all the previous booking conditions of The Travel Experts Ltd..


  1. COST

A minimum deposit of £ 50 – £ 100 (May vary Please check) is required at the time of reservation and is non-refundable. DEPOSIT ONLY GUARANTEES THE RESERVATION NOT THE FARE. Instant issuance of ticket with Full payment guarantees both price and reservation.



Full payment for all booking is due at least eight weeks before departure or as shown on your invoice/receipt, whichever comes first. Failure to meet the payment deadline may result in the cancellation of the booking and would make you liable to further cancellation charges as set out in paragraph 3.



Most of the tickets once issued or made definite are non-refundable, non-transferable. Cancellation charges vary from airline to airline. Please confirm at the time of booking. Passengers are strongly advised to take out a travel insurance policy. After your booking has been confirmed, but before the ticket has been issued, you may wish to cancel your booking. To do this, you (Lead passenger/organisation) must advise The Travel Experts Ltd. in writing. The cancellation will be effective from the date ‘notice’ of cancellation is received. Group bookings/Tours are strictly Non refundable & Non changeble. where Certain bookings are subject to administration and service fee in addition to the cancellation charges.



As stated above, certain bookings are refundable and some are totally non-refundable. The refund process takes approximately 6 – 26 weeks. Refund amount if applicable will be made (after the deduction of cancellation, Administration and service charges) in the form of cheque or will be reimbursed into the relevant debit/credit card/Bank account. In certain booking refund will be made in form of credit vouchers, which can be redeemed towards any future booking.



Alterations and amendments to booking are treated as cancellation and re-booking. Thus the above cancellation rules apply and would be effective from the date that notice of such amendments is received by The Travel Experts Ltd. in writing.


In certain circumstances, for operational or other reasons beyond our control, it may become necessary for The Travel Experts Ltd. to cancel or alter the whole or part of your booking. Should this happen, we will notify you or the person acting on your behalf as soon as possible. In the case of a minor alteration of flight timings affecting actual departure time by less than 12 hours, we would not deem the holidays to be affected substantially. Such alteration, therefore, would not qualify for a refund. If the alteration of flight timings affecting the actual departure time is more than 12 hours, then you have a choice of a) accepting the changed arrangements as notified. b) purchasing another flight, or c) cancelling your flight. The Travel Experts Ltd. shall not be held liable for any loss or vexation consequent on such cancellation or amendment other than to refund in full.



The Travel Experts Ltd. undertaken to use its best endeavours in arranging of the client’s holidays to ensure that the standard of service meets the requirements of a professional travel agent. However, The Travel Experts Ltd. cannot be held liable or responsible for the acts or omissions of any body or person over whom The Travel Experts Ltd. has no direct control. No person is authorised to make representation concerning clients holidays unless agreed and sanctioned by The Travel Experts Ltd. in writing. We cannot be held responsible for any documents lost in post.



If you elect to make your own insurance arrangements, within the terms of these booking conditions you automatically agree that “I hereby undertake on behalf of myself and all members of my party to arrange travel insurance which provides comparable cover to that as offered by The Travel Experts Ltd. through different suppliers/companies. Furthermore, I absolve The Travel Experts Ltd. of all possible liabilities which may arise due to my failure to take out adequate insurance cover” as levied by these parties.



Our programme is keenly priced to offer maximum value for money. All UK airport taxes, except where stated, security charges and fuel surcharges are included in the fares. We reserve the right to impose a supplement to the air ticket price due to changes in the value of £ sterling, the cost of aircraft fuel and changes in hotel and airport taxes etc.



It is client’s own responsibility to ensure the validity and accuracy of passports, visas and necessary health documents. We can accept no responsibility for any loss or vexation caused by faulty or incomplete documentation.



If you have any complaints whilst you are away, you must immediately inform the appropriate hotel or car-hire company, airline concerned so that remedial action can be taken without delay. Should you be unable to resolve the problem on the spot, any complaints must be received in writing by The Travel Experts Ltd. no later than fourteen days following completion of your journey as booked with us regardless of the ticket validity otherwise the complaint will be deemed not to exist.