Salma & Tahir

I am writing to you with regards to the tour to Jerusalem that you organised in April 2017 and of my personal experiences of the tour.

The flight was 4/5 hours long and hassle free. The immigration and custom at Tel Aviv was not as bad as expected, the transport was waiting even though it took sometime to clear all the checking at the airport.

When we got to the hotel Hashemi in Jerusalem I was given a key to a room that was already occupied, staff apologised and we got another room, honest mistake and no issues from us. The room and bathroom were small and quite basic but that did not really bother us too much, bed and pillows were comfortable there was also a/c/ heat so we slept well, room got cleaned every day without being asked, overall hotel was clean and bright, centrally located for our needs and only about a 10 min walk to the Al Aqsa mosque , close to all shops and amenities, staff friendly and spoke English. The breakfast did not have too many varieties but they did make omelettes to order which was good and so we we enjoyed what there was on offer, the dinner was good and varied every night of our stay, overall the staff were very helpful and did try to accomodate our needs and requests. We all enjoyed the 2 days of tours and got to know the rest of the group very well who were all a very friendly and happy bunch and we all looked out for each other if any problems arose so a big thank you to the rest of our group if you get to read my comments.

Lastly a big thanks to the organisers of the tour, obviously a lot of thought , time, patience and planning goes into organising such a trip but you guys did an excellent job in keeping it all together and making it such a success.

To sum up Salma and I both enjoyed ourselves and if ever we get a chance to go again or recommend other people to go then we certainly would do so. Thank you.


Tohid Maher

Software Engineer

I want to thank you for organising such an amazing all women’s 3 days guided tour to Croatia Bosnia Herzegovina. The scenic landscapes were awesome. Tracking the great Ottomans’ history in Europe was mesmorising.

I found local people  v friendly despite their recent history of wars & inflections. We all enjoyed the glorious weather, eating fresh cooked sumptuous restaurant meals & staying at 4 star hospitable City Hotel. The automobile used for our trips with its owner driver was a luxury. All our ladies group never felt a dull moment but rather excelled with joy laughter & sing songs throughout the journey. 

 I admire your far sightedness who planned it all so well at such an affordable budget. I wish you success with your future tours & would highly recommend your company for your perspective customers.

Tohid Maher


Firdose Khan

Web Developer

Salaams everyone just seen your lovely photos & vids with true & honest comments that I couldn’t agree with more.  My mind is still filled with the amazing sceneries of our journey,  the experience of tracking great Ottomans’ history in Europe, the glorious weather, the  freshly cooked sumptuous foods, the pleasant natured people who served & guided us.

And ladies you gave us the best company – filled with entertainment care & regards. I like to thank our leading lady Samina who availed us the opportunity to experience all at an affordable budget. So well done dear Samina I admire your adventurous spirit Mashallah.


Dr Sitwat Farouqi

Thank you so much for organising this trip for us ! It was indeed well worth every penny , the scenery , the food , the people infact everything was just fabulous! We have fond memories of this magnificent place !

You were indeed v patient with us , and catered v well  to everyone’s needs . Thank you once again and wish you all the best for your future trips.


Yasmin Khan

Spent a wonderful four days in the city of Jerusalam. Everything from the start of the tour to the end ran very smoothly. The tours and guides were excellent. Accommodation was very good and well located.We didn’t have to worry about a thing. The organisers always remained cheerful and caring. Thank you for a trip of a lifetime to this unique city.


Asman Zia Malik

Thank you for the great holiday. Really it was an amazing place. Loved the food weather shopping scenery. Enjoyed every moment of it. Bosnia has it all – lush green landscapes, unspoiled nature, incredible views, and enchanting forests, breath taking waterfalls and crystal clear rivers and lakes.  

I personally think it’s Europe’s most scenic countryside. Don’t have enough words to describe the beauty. Above all had an amazing company of such lovely  people. Love you all


Farah Syed

Salam everyone i had a great time with my beautiful friends Alhamdulillah bohat bohat maza aya this is the best holiday ever MashAllah say JazakAllah khair



Our accommodation during the trip at City hotel was modern and the rooms were clean and new and had free wifi. 

The food was lovely, specially the fresh fish and veg and very reasonably priced too. 

Mostar was worth seeing as its a historical town with lots of history.. There were amazing pomegranate trees everywhere and luscious vineyards. The scenes were breathtaking and very picturesque.

The friendly tour guides seemed very knowledgable on the country and the  tours were well organized and not rushed giving us lots of freedom to explore the country and shop. 

The air conditioned  transport was punctual and comfortable which  made the distances seem not that far and journeys less tiring.

We had a fantastic fun loving group of all ages which made the trip very enjoyable and left us all with everlasting special memories we will all cherish. 

Overall the trip was a wonderful experience and  well done to Travel Experts for organizing and managing such a large group and catering to every individuals needs. 

I have and will definitely be recommending my friends and family to use their company


Zarina Hussein

Thanks a lot Travel Experts, u done v.good I just say that I will definitely recommend your company to my friends. I travel a lot but this was one of my best trips.



Alhamdu Lillah we all had a wonderful time when we visited Aqsa with Samina. It was a very spiritual trip that’s difficult to explain in words, one can only experience it in person. However we also had  lots of good fun filled moments too.
Food was delicious and the Hotel was clean staff was amazingly helpful and friendly.
Personally speaking I felt the feelings of peace love and Apnaa Pan all around.

Samina Rashid, Shahnaz, Lubna & Jumaina

Samina being my dearest Friend or more like my sister, I would like to say so much more then I am going to say, just to keep it purely based on my experience of our trip …  it was well organized and everything was planned around the prayers in Al Aqsa n sight seeing etc. Over all it was a very good trip where two people ( Samina n Bhai) were trying to please and go out of their way to accommodate and care for all the group members.  One thing I and many of us notice throughout the trip, that both of them always put everyone before them selves. Samina n Bhai never ever made their plate of food or sat down till everyone was served n seated. They both honestly made that little extra effort to serve n make everyone happy.
Jazaak Allah Khair Samina, I sincerely Duaa, May Allah accept your efforts from you as a sinscere deed, I also know that it’s not easy to organise tours, it’s very demanding n requires lots of sabar n devotion. May Allah reward you both with Khair, Barakah and Al your health and business ., Aameen
[21/10/2019, 20:11] Samina Aunty: Asalam Alaikum Sister Samina and Mustansar Bhai. I would like to thank you both on behave of Shahnaz Lubna Jumaina and myself for inviting us to join the Al Aqsa tour. We all had a unique and beautiful  experiences. To  be walking in an area where prophet’s have walked and are  remembered by. When I am reciting my prays I still feel I am standing in Al Aqsa mosque.
May Allah reward you for all the extra mile you both went to keep every together.

Thank you so much.


Ghausia Shaikh

Sister Samina and
Brother Mustansar
Jazakallah Khairan for the amazing spiritual journey
Alhamdolillah it was a beautiful experience
Sister Yasmin’s personal touch and attention to details
made the trip even more enjoyable
Jazakallah khairan
It was a great pleasure to get to know everyone too
May Allah SWT enable you to continue doing these trips Ameen

Dr Tayyabba Khalid

Just wanted to say JazaKAllaha Khair for putting huge effort to make this trip so successful.
We loved every minute of it. It was a very humbling experience to be there in the land of prophets.
May Allaha SWT Qaboliat bakhshain. Ameen
Thanks once again.

Dr Nausaba Rasool

AoA Samina And Mustanser Bhai thank you very much for such lovely trip .we are really grateful ,trip was well organised we enjoyed every minute. It was nice to meet other group members.

Tasneem & Amin Ali

Assalamaleikum, Jazak Allahu Khairun Sister Samina and Brother Mustansar for the beautiful spiritual journey and for being such wonderful hosts. It was also a pleasure to get to know the rest of our group members.
We hope and pray that Allah  Azawajal give both of you health so you continue doing these trips. Ameen.

Dr Shazia Awais

Asalaamoalaikum Samina
Thank you very much for arranging a superb and eye opening tour to Palestine.
Jazak Allah khair

Dr Iftikhar Rasool

We feel so fortunate to have been in this trip. It is such an overwhelming feeling.
First I thought I was dreaming but off course I was actually in that sacred place of the prophets.
Thank you.

Dr Maha

Aslamolikum, thanks for your text.
It was an amazing spiritual journey.Thanks for arranging Hashmi Hotel for us , it’s such a sensible choice to stay inside walled city. The idea of local guide is fantastic. We have covered a lot of places in a short span of time. Over all it was a wonderful experience .I would recommend every Muslim to enlighten there souls with this blessed journey .
Thank you very much sister  Samina and Mustansir Bhai.

Taslim , Tohid and Taiyeb Mehar

AsalamuAlaikum Everyone
JazakAllah Khaiyran for the lovely company and cooperation throughout the brilliant and heartily enjoyable tour and special thanks to our hosts ( this was indeed an invitation !!) Mustansar and Samina !
Everyone , from the youngest ( Taiyeb!) to the oldest (me!) was enjoying themselves and cooperating with each other !
Alhumdulillah this was very well coordinated and put together by the Travel Experts and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this tour to anyone . The whole atmosphere was very convivial and family orientated
I cannot think of one single thing that could have been done differently!
Thank You Everyone for being such good company.

Taslim Mehar

BTW I must give a big hand and cheers for the fantastic work and attitude of our hostess Christina who truly went way beyond her remit to ensure that we were all well looked after , and indeed she proved by her actions that nothing was too much trouble for her to satisfy us all in all our requirements and requests
The breakfast and dinner meals were indeed scrumptious and plentiful !!
Please pass our most grateful thanks to her and the maestro for providing the flamenco entertainment !

Khalda Ahmed

I realty had a lovely and great holiday and would recommend it to all my family and friends
Christina,s  hospitality at the villa was very friendly and amazing
Also the very wonderful company of everyone made it a memorable trip.

Afsar Khan

Assalam aliykum .Thank you very much Samina l had a wonderful trip in Spain and very knowledgable I really appreciated your big effort and thank you very much to all groups members for the unity. Alhammdulila .

Aisha & Tariq Mahmoud

Actually I wanted to say a few words after Samina spoke on the coach  but I felt a little shy speaking on the mic ? ☺
As it was our first acquaintance with all of you (and I say these words on behalf of Tariq too)
that we enjoyed travelling with you guys immensely!!
Everyone made a special effort to get to know us and we will endeavour to keep in touch with you guys in the future too!
It was a fun packed, knowledgeable excursion organised so meticulously by the most beautiful couple Samina and Mustansar Bhai! ?
You are all such marvellous people and we can’t wait to embark on another journey soon in sha Allah.
I will keep you guys posted on our upcoming social event once Samina’s Jerusalem trip returns.
In sha Allah.
Take care everyone , Allah Hafiz.

Tariq Mahmood

This is Tariq here, Aisha has said everything about tour, I am just adding few words it was amazing tour better than I expected. The group people were very nice polite and helpful too, sister samina and mustansar were very hospitable and always ready to help.The tour was full of fun and knowledge. I would like to go again and again with this tour operator and this group. Sorry I don’t talk too much this is my nature but I enjoyed thoroughly. May be see you all soon in next excursion. Thanks everyone for putting up with me.

Memona Ahmed

What a thoughtful plan; so tastefully put together and carried out with perfection to the last ✅
My hearty thanks to the wonderful couple
Samina and Mustansir bhai for including me in and bearing with me ?

… feelings are more than words can cover.

Firdose Khan

Salams dear sister Sameena and dear brother Mustansar

just to say I really enjoyed my holiday in Spain with you and meeting all the nice people in the group was a wonderful opportunity.  I want to thank you both for organising such a wonderful trip of my life. This fantastic multidimensional trip was worth my precious moments and the money spent so a big well done to both of you .

With regards to further improvements I suggest you incorporate regular briefings for the group at daily excursions.

In expressing my pleasure and fulfilment at this Islamic Heritage tour I am convinced I shall endeavour to join your future trips inshallah. Rest assured I shall always be pleased to recommend Travel Experts to other people.

With my duas for your future successes Ameen ?

Ghazala Latif

Assalamo alaikum dear Samina, Mustansar and all brothers and sisters in Islam ☪,
JazakAllah khair for
this wonderful trip, lovely company and beautiful memories.  This tour of our Islamic heritage was very enlightening and the guided tours were a brilliant idea. The food was excellent especially the desserts!???.And an added bonus the flamenco!? in our own villa ?.  Can’t thank our Creator Allah SWT enough for providing us the fruits of Jannah and the unforgettable scenery, sunrises, sunsets and flowers.  Once again thank you Samina and Mustansar for an excellent, well-organised and comprehensive tour!

Memona Ahmed

slamalakum ?
My dear sisters and brothers … lovely companions of the trip ????????
Reaching home at 4 in the morning and long days at school left me too exhausted ? to write anything sensible ?; my earlier short note was just to acknowledge our host Samina and Mustansar bhai’s kindness ?
So here I am ? … to all you beautiful and kind people whom I met the first time but will remain in my memories for a long time; each one of us so unique and yet carried so much love and care … Subhan Allah I’m in awe of it ????
Thanks for making me laugh , wonder and most importantly complete those walks … somehow ???
I have yet to enjoy those files and files of pictures and videos though have sampled some;
OMG you all have the professional touch and have covered a different beauty of the story ???
I know this is not all I have in my tired mind but till next time
May life continues to be kind …
Allâh Hafiz



Dear Mustansar bhai;
It won’t be complete without thanking you for your lively conversation throughout; that pure punjabi , the jokes, your guidance… and much more ???
May Allah bless you and your family and business ?
Kind regards


Mrs Rozina Aiman

Salaam this is my review for your company.

Thank you Travel Experts for booking and organising mine and my husband’s Umrah package 04Nov 2019. We were very pleased with everything, the hotels were amazing and walking distance to the mosques both in Madinah and Makkah. Thank you for staying in touch whilst we were there and checking that everything was going as planned. May Allah give you barkat in your business and lots of success. You’re doing a wonderful job and gaining lots of duas from everyone. Thank you again for explaining everything to us and helping us through this first time experience. We look forward to using your services again in the future and would happily recommend you to anyone going for Umrah or Hajj inshallah.