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Dates 03 Octbober – 7 October 2019


Guided Tour with English Speaking Guide to prominent religious sites,Masjid Qibli, Masjod Al Qadimi, Qubbat, Al Sakrah (Dome of Rock), Masjid Al Buraaq, Salahuddin Mosque and Masjid Omar Al Khatab, walking through the 4 quarters of the old city. Time Permitting Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Mount of the Olives or Jubal Muqabar for a magnificent panoramic view of the Old Town & it’s neighbourhood. Travel to Hebron – Bethlehem to visit AlHaram Al Ibrahimi & prayer at Masid ElIbrahim, the Maqaam of Prophet Ibrahim ALieh Essalam, his wife Sara, his Sons and their wives, Visit the birth place of Prophet isa Alieh Esslaam. Visit the Local Soveniour Shops.


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