Tour overview


Twin sharing Triple sharing
£6549 £6249


Tour Dates: 28-July-2019 – 17-August-2019

This package is designed for the discerning travellers allowing you to maximise every minute of your experience and solely focus on the heart of your journey by leaving us to ensure you have that memorable once in a lifetime journey.


  • Flights to Madinah via Jeddah
  • Hajj Visa
  • Hajj Drafts
  • 5 Star Hotel in Madinah Shaza or similar - Half Board - 4 Nights
  • 5 Star Hotel in Makkah Hyatt Regency or similar - Half Board - 4 Nights
  • Apartments in Azizia 4 sharing - Half Board. - 6 Nights
  • Services in Mina and Arafat inc of full board meals. - 4 Nights
  • Qurbani included
  • Round Transportation by air conditioned coaches
  • Islamic Seminars throughout the tour with Dr Khalid Khan
  • Hajj Seminar in the UK
  • Group will be accompanied by tour managers and assistants
  • Islamic Seminars throughout the tour with Dr Khalid Khan


Departure: From London on 28 July 2019.

28 July - 01 August / 25 Dhul Qa'dah - 29 Dhul Qa’dah: Check into Madinah
Hotel: Ziyaarah and praying at the Prophets mosque. Daily lectures will be provided by
Dr.Khalid Khan.

02 August / 29 Dhul Qa’dah: Travelling to Makkah and Insha-Allah starting our Ihram
at Abiar Ali with the intention of our initial Umrah.

02 August - 06 August / 29 Dhul Qa’dah-04 Dhul Hijah: Check into your Makkah
Hotel, performance of initial umrah with the group (or separately if you know your way)
after performing umrah, you can shorten your hair and exit the state of ihram, Visit
Haram for Prayers and tawaf.
06 August - 09 August / 04-08 Dhul Hijah: Check into your Makkah Apartments,
occasional lectures will be provided by Dr. Khalid Khan. Preparation for the Hajj will

 09 August / 08 Dhul Hijah: Leaving to Mina Camp in our ihram with the intention of
Hajj where we will stay for the night.

10 August / 9 Dhul Hijah: Leaving to Arafat and staying until Maghrib. After the time of
Maghrib leaving for Muzdalifah where we will pray Maghrib and Isha and where we will
spend the night.

11 August / 10 Dhul Hijah:  Rami of the large Jamarah (throwing pebbles). Slaughter
of Animal (Qurbani) following which brothers can shave their hair and change their
clothes due to the first exit of Ihram.

12 - 13 August / 11-12 Dhul Hijah: Staying two nights in Mina and Rami of all 3
Jamaraat on the 11th and 12th Dhul Hijjah. Return to AZIZIA apartments.

14 August / 13 Dhul Hijah: Perform the Tawaaf and Sai'i of the Hajj

15 August / 14 Dhul Hijah:  Farewell speech and final advise from Dr. Khalid Khan.

16 - 17 August / 15 - 16 Dhul Hijah: Final departure preparations for our return from
Jeddah airport to London Heathrow.