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Firdose Khan

Web Developer

Salaams everyone just seen your lovely photos & vids with true & honest comments that I couldn’t agree with more.  My mind is still filled with the amazing sceneries of our journey,  the experience of tracking great Ottomans’ history in Europe, the glorious weather, the  freshly cooked sumptuous foods, the pleasant natured people who served & guided us.

And ladies you gave us the best company – filled with entertainment care & regards. I like to thank our leading lady Samina who availed us the opportunity to experience all at an affordable budget. So well done dear Samina I admire your adventurous spirit Mashallah.

Firdose Khan

Tohid Maher

Software Engineer

I want to thank you for organising such an amazing all women’s 3 days guided tour to Croatia Bosnia Herzegovina. The scenic landscapes were awesome. Tracking the great Ottomans’ history in Europe was mesmorising.

I found local people  v friendly despite their recent history of wars & inflections. We all enjoyed the glorious weather, eating fresh cooked sumptuous restaurant meals & staying at 4 star hospitable City Hotel. The automobile used for our trips with its owner driver was a luxury. All our ladies group never felt a dull moment but rather excelled with joy laughter & sing songs throughout the journey. 

 I admire your far sightedness who planned it all so well at such an affordable budget. I wish you success with your future tours & would highly recommend your company for your perspective customers.

Tohid Maher

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